About Shari Duddy

Shari Duddy

Shari Duddy

Shari Duddy is a highly skilled New Jersey educator who has made it her enduring mission to motivate students as well as teachers to achieve their fullest potential. Her approach is one of respect for both students and teachers alike, and her personal achievements endorse her belief in leading by example, setting high standards for herself as well as her students.

Education and experience

Shari Duddy began her career in the regional public school district of South Orange-Maplewood located in New Jersey. With years of experience and success at this school, she continued her esteemed career with a position at Livingston Public School in New Jersey, where she gained valuable knowledge and experience in the Orton-Gillingham teaching method developed by an esteemed pathologist at Columbia University. This method is a set of teaching principles that provides intensive rehabilitation in reading, writing, spelling, as well as reading comprehension for students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Her training in literacy education through renowned Teacher’s College atColumbiaUniversity in New York cultivated her teaching and training expertise. Continuing her training, Shari earned her Master’s Degree of Education in Instruction, Curriculum, and Administration fromKeanUniversity in New Jersey. As a believer in high standards and lifelong education, Shari then obtained her Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant Certification from William Paterson University of New Jersey. In addition, she is now at the completion of her Supervisory Certification fromKean University in May of 2014 and will receive her Principal’s Certification in May of 2015.

Special Education Teacher

Special Education Teacher

As a prominent New Jersey educator, the crowning achievement of Shari Duddy’s career occurred when she headed a revolutionary pilot program that broke through the archaic notion of separating students in the general-education and special-education populations. Seeing these antiquated methods as counterproductive, she developed a technique of blending these two learning groups, using multi sensory perspectives as well as addressing students’ individual learning strengths and needs rather than their disabilities. This visionary program is lauded among educators for its approach of support, motivation, and encouragement. Shari’s development of this program is a testament to her belief that every student has the potential to succeed regardless of learning challenges. Her success in pioneering such teaching styles has been featured in several newspaper articles, as well as ‘What’s Right in American Education’ in the 1990s.

Belief in continuing education

New Jersey teacher Shari Duddy not only believes that students can be motivated to learn; she also is an advocate of continuing education and supervision for teachers. Shari has spent her life advocating innovative teaching methods that prepare students as well as teachers to take initiative for their education and success in life. She has worked in a number of school districts as a case manager creating comprehensive teaching programs that encourage lifelong learning with a supportive approach that respects every individual’s natural learning process. She has spent years teaching educators in ‘Developmental Reading Assessment’ (DRA), which is a program that evaluates students’ reading comprehension by determining each student’s independent reading level, monitoring their reading progress, and providing information for teachers to motivate and drive education. In addition, Shari trains educators in ‘Foundations,’ which is a program that provides reading and spelling education through the proven system of phonics. She is also an integral part of the ‘Child Study Team-Referral Process,’ which is a referral system comprised of administrators, educators, and educational psychologists who evaluate and refer children possibly in need special education services.

Community involvement

As a member of a number of distinguished educational and community organizations, Shari is an active participant in every area involving Special Education. She works with various groups in the community, including ‘Coaching Parents for Special Education.’ This organization helps parents become an integral part of their child’s education. Shari’s hands-on approach in this group helps to develop parents’ understanding of the learning process in children with disabilities, further ensuring that they graduate from high school and go on to success in other areas of their lives, including college and community participation. As a valued member of this group, Shari advocates for children’s rights in special education, community, and available public resources. In addition, she is a valued member of ‘Reading Instruction in Special Education,’ an association of students, teachers, parents, specialists, and administrators who share education and experience in reading instruction.

In constant pursuit of empowerment for all individuals, Shari devotes her time outside of work to volunteering in various community charitable organizations. One of these includes ‘Habitat for Humanity,’ where she works with others toward eliminating poverty and homelessness by providing affordable housing in low-income communities. In addition, Shari works with a rescue program to provide stray dogs with shelter, food, and much-needed love. She also spends much of her free time tutoring and teaching yoga and meditation.

Shari Duddy is an educational leader in the New Jersey and New York metropolitan areas, specializing in the field of Special Education. With nearly 30 years of experience in this field, Shari has built a reputation of expertise in motivating and cultivating young minds, as well as advocating continuing education for teachers. She lives by the conviction that all educators must expect success from both special-education and general-education students. She advocates encouragement, support, and empowerment as the means upon which to build each student’s strengths, regardless of learning challenges. Shari works tirelessly in diverse undertakings that help all those involved in education to achieve personal bests and excellence. As a highly respected and skilled New Jersey educator, Shari Duddy’s career goal has been, and continues to be, comprehensive development and education of students and educators alike.


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